Praktijk voor Psychotherapie en Coaching

It’s possible to get therapy or coaching in English.

Some issues you can consult me about:




-grief or sorrow



-physical complaints with no (obvious) medical cause



-existential matters 

-relational problems

-problems at work

-special matters such as Autism, ADHD, high sensivity

As a member of several therapeutic unions (VIT, VVTIV) my practice is in accordance with European General Data Protection Regulation.

I am recognized by the EAP, European Association for Psychotherapy. 

I apply talk therapy in combination with creative techniques – writing, drawing, film, photography a.o. - and also pay attention to the body: relaxation, the breath, mindfulness. In the intake we explore the problem and I offer you an overall plan for treatment.

Who am I? For many years I was a professor in Law in Higher Education and worked as a manager at a night school for adults; after that I became a studentcounsellor. I  assisted students with all kinds of problems and provided training on assertiveness and grief. Autism is one of my special focus areas.

I’ve been running my practice Beautiful Man ever since I finished the study for integrative therapy. I am also a supervisor at the Educatieve Academie in Belgium. Offering people guidance inspires me and I think that my experience and my emphatic nature help me to be effective in assisting you as a client.

You can make an appointment at short notice, there is no waitinglist.

A medical referral is not necessary.

The supplementary health insurance may compensate the expenses of my assistance partially; it belongs to the so-called complementary care. Please check with your insurance company.


individual consultation      (1 hour)                    75 euro*

relationship therapy          (1,15 hour max.)       95 euro 

 stu      student rate                     (1 hour)                    50 euro

* if there is no compensation by the health insurance the rate is 60 euro.